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Very late starting new pill pack, advice please

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Hopefullywaiting Fri 08-Jan-16 22:08:51

Hi all

I'm usually very good at taking my pill. I had my pill break and was due to start my new pack over Christmas and completely forgot. I rememberd it with a start around 5 days late. I started on my new pack on the same day of the week I was due the previous week to try and get back into a routine again. So 7 days after I was due to start the pack.

That means including the 7 pill free days i had 14 contnious days free of the pill in total. There was very little action with piv sex, only being once around that time and then once at the beginning of this week.

Now if I were to fall pregnant It would be a wanted pregnancy. I have only gone onto the pill to take a break from ttc for a few months, as have endo. I was trying for over a year and the pain become too much each I took a break which is due to end next month.

My concern is if I'm pregnant or become pregnant would it cause harm to the baby?. I did manage to fall pregnant the other year but had an early miscarriage and I'm still pretty cut up over it. I don't know if I would cope with another loss if I felt it could of been avoided. I'm due my next pill break in 2 weeks. I have been taking it on time and not missed any since I realised my blunder.I am on levest.

I understand posters can't tell me if I'm a pregnant, just wonder if anyone knows of anyone with or has personal experience of this and general advice.

Many thanks x

MiniJellyBeans Sat 09-Jan-16 18:23:17

Hi Hopefully, sorry you haven't had any replies until now. You are right that pregnancy is certainly possible with this 14 day pill-free interval and ongoing sex without condoms. However, the combined pill has been on the market for decades, and in that time there have been many, many instances of the pill continuing to be taken inadvertently while in early pregnancy (and sometimes late pregnancy!) and never any evidence of any harm to the foetus as a result. You'll be aware that it's unethical to design proper controlled trials which look at intentional use of the pill while pregnant, but all the observational studies of this scenario have been reassuring. So much so in fact, that the guidelines are now clear that the pill can be "quick started" even if there's a risk of pregnancy, because it's not thought to cause any harm at all. It would have been 100% within current accepted/safe medical practice for a healthcare professional to advise you to do exactly what you did re. the timing of restarting the pill.

All the best x

Hopefullywaiting Mon 11-Jan-16 12:56:12

Hi minijellybeans
Oh thank you so much for your kind and informative post. I am feeling much more reassured now.
I have read that there are no known risks during pregnancy while continuing the pill however I was concerned in case I may be one of the unlucky cases, as have a slightly more negative view since mc.
I also was unsure of the timeframe regarding how long the pill was taken before pregnancy was discovered.

I have had some odd symptoms lately that I don't want to take as pregnancy symptoms (such as bloating nausea,aching boobs, peeing more frequently, mild insomnia despite being very tired, ravenous hunger and stretching/shooting pain in my lower abdomen) and raise my hopes up. I imagine this could very well be affects on my body from restarting the pill.

I have tried researching the affects of the particular pill I am on with the interval and about the time frame I could reasonably expect ovulation to occur with the 14 day interval.

I have not found much information based on this scenario online or anything helpful.

Thank-you again for replying smile

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