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recovery after sterilisation

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MissMogwi Sun 03-Jan-16 12:08:08

Hi all,

I was sterilised via laparoscopy(can't think of the correct term!) on Wednesday.

Had a nasty reaction to the anaesthetic and ended up being kept in as I was very poorly. Came home on Friday.

Naively, I thought I'd be reasonably fit by now. I'm really sore still and just going to the loo exhausts me. My DP is looking after everything so I am resting.

Just wondered what other people's recoveries were like. I had already booked tomorrow and tues off work but the nurse at hospital scoffed at that and said I should have a week.

Also they've left the plasters on the stiches, should I take them off or leave for nurse to do when she comes. I did ask, but to be honest I was so groggy I can't remember what she said blush

scaevola Sun 03-Jan-16 12:09:54

Male or female sterilisation?

MissMogwi Sun 03-Jan-16 12:13:26

Sorry, female.

lauradotp Mon 18-Jan-16 11:14:20

Hi OP - I hope you're starting to feel better? I had the same procedure (plus some repair work to my undercarriage) just before Christmas. I was told the sterilisation recovery would require about a fortnight. I was also told that the plasters could come off after 24hrs, and I had dissolvable stitches which came out after about a fortnight. I didn't see a nurse after leaving hospital, although I've been back and forth my GP's surgery due to other problems (gonna ask about those separately, I won't hijack your post). It took me about a week/10 days to start feeling right again, if it wasn't for the bloating and the pains though i'd be as right as rain by now. The NHS website says that recovery takes around five days...even my GP scoffed at that!

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