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Copper coil fitted in August. Periods been fine until now...

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queenrollo Tue 29-Dec-15 18:20:39

I had it fitted in August and so far have got on really well with it. Periods gone from 4 days (2 light 2 heavier) to 6 days (2 light 4 heavier). Little bit more cramping but not even requiring pain relief.

I started what I thought was an early period on the 19th December and I'm still bleeding. It's not heavier than my usual heavier days, but it is showing no signs of stopping.

I'm seeing my GP tomorrow as this is unusual for me, though I suspect he will say it is my body still adjusting to the coil.

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this.

Wishtherewasawayout Tue 29-Dec-15 21:49:38

Hey queen sorry your periods have gotten heavy. Got mine fitted around the same time and the bleeding has been up ( 10 day bleed one month)and down but manageable. Now I'm 6 days late and worried. There is no suggestion of absent periods with the copper coil confused

queenrollo Wed 30-Dec-15 18:54:33

well my GP said i have two choices....wait it out or self refer back to the FPC that fitted it and ask for it to be removed.
I'm opting to wait it out because I can't take hormone based contraceptive and DH had a failed attempt at the snip - meaning he would need a GA to have it done. (He will do this if I want but I suggested I try the coil first).

I am just starting peri-menopause though and GP said that might be a factor so I'm going back tomorrow for blood tests to see what my hormones are doing.

Just wish the bleeding would stop.

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