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Hypothyroidism and prenatal/conception vitamins

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Nummynums Tue 29-Dec-15 02:48:23

I really hope someone can help! Apologies for long waffley/confused post.

I have hypothyroidism (originally postpartum) have been on 75mcg levothyroxine for 5 years and only recently my thyroid has gone whack, last month it went hyper (tsh 0.06) and this month hypo (tsh 14, t4 9).

I am worried as I am planning to ttc around May next year and want my levels to be ok (tsh <2 as per guidelines). I am so nervous as my first pregnancy was relatively ok as I was healthy but now I have to worry about things like telling the doctor before I TTC so he can make sure my levels are in the safe range. And This is the first time my thyroid has gone funny since I was diagnosed 5 years ago post dd1

The only thing I think I'm doing differently is im taking vitamins as my diet is quite lacking, vitamin d, b vitamins.

I am now wondering if these vitamins are affecting my thyroid -im not taking them regularly but always much later than my thyroxine so not to interact and decrease absorption. Apart from absorption issues do these vitamins affect thyroid production? I'm trying to aquaint myself on how vitamins affect thyroid but because thyroid seems to be involved in so many physiological processes I've sent myself into a panic as I don't know which vitamins are affecting it!

My main concern is I want to start taking a prenatal and additional magnesium - I want to start really early before I ttc as last pregnancy I had severe sickness for many months which affected my nutrition and my dd was born low birth weight. I want to take vitamins to build up my reserves as well as trying my best to eat well but I know things like magnesium and vit d are difficult to get from diet alone.

Sorry for the waffle
I'm just concerned that my tsh won't be stable now because of my vitamins, and if I take my vitamins regularly my thyroid should become stable but eventually I may have to stop my vitamins if I get severe sickness during my pregnancy (if I get pregnant that is)
so in addition to my usual need to increase thyroid for the fetus, I'm worried any pregnancy sickness will throw a spanner in the works of keeping my levels stable, don't know what I'm meant to do?
I just want my levels to be near perfect to give me the best chance to conceive and if I do get pregnant I don't want to put baby at risk for my taking prenatals or stopping them depending on whether I'll have sickness or not

Thank for reading this far and hope anyone can offer advice and tell me I'm worrying over nothing!
NN x

AuntieStella Tue 29-Dec-15 16:52:59

This is the contraception topic, which might be why you've not had any responses.

You might want to report your past an have it moved to either 'Conception' or 'General Health' where it's more likely it'll be seen by posters who can help you.

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