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Pregnant or side effects of morning after pill?

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milo19799 Sat 26-Dec-15 15:30:14

Hi, sorry if I sound completely paranoid but really worrying myself sick here!

On 3rd December I "slept" with a man who I am not in a relationship with. I am not on the pill. I was at the very end of my period so im pretty sure it was only day 5 or 6 of my cycle.

We did not have penetrative sex.

The next day I started to worry though that there could have been some transfer from his hands to me.

I drove my self silly on google about the possibility of pregnancy without actually having sex and although so early in my cycle decided to get the MAP just in case. This was about 2.30pm the next day so within 20 hours. I kept the pill down.

I was not worried until yesterday when I started feeling really nauseous and my breasts have started to feel swollen and sore. My stomach is also a bit upset.

I realise that the odds are very low but I'm so frightened these are early pregnancy symptoms because when I have been pregnant before my earliest signs were nausea and sore boobs!

Is it too late for these to be MAP side effects / pre menstrual symptoms?? I've my dates are right I should be due my period sometime around now.

I am a single mum and the sole provider for my children. I couldn't cope with another pregnancy and I am scared.

Any advice welcome!! Even to tell me I'm being silly. I keep telling myself that I didn't even have sex! Thanks in advance. Xx

Blerg Sat 26-Dec-15 20:34:41

I think they could be related to period symptoms combined with worry about it?

I think you would be really really unlucky to be pregnant without penetrative sex and having taking MAP.

Hope all is well.

milo19799 Sat 26-Dec-15 21:06:00

Thanks Blerg. I'm really just hoping I'm not that unlucky!! I think the pharmacist gave me the MAP more to stop me worrying than anything and I did until the last couple of days when I started feeling like this. confused

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