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Anyone use fertility awareness method?

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Whyissheontheship Thu 17-Dec-15 08:12:27

I've just come of the combined pill with a view to start ttc in August/sept next year. It would be a happy accident if I got pregnant before then. We used the pill as our only method of contraception while together (~9 years) Since being off the pill we have tried lots of different brands of condoms and DH seems to have developed an allergy to all of them (even the non latex ones!) so condoms are not an option.

I've been researching non hormonal methods and FAM seems to fit our stage of life right now and was wondering if anyone else had used it? How strict were you? We have discussed using pull-out during fertile times? Basically I want to try it properly and don't have the money for a lady-com.

TheGoldenApplesOfTheSun Thu 17-Dec-15 17:49:11

Yes, we use it - with condoms when I am in a fertile phase. Surprisingly simple to do, I use basal body temperature method. Recommend book 'Taking charge of your fertility' very useful & thorough. As a bonus once you start TTC in earnest you will have a good sense of your cycle and when it is best to try, as well as finding out if you have a healthy cycle or may need extra help. Do not advise using pulling out when fertile, unless you are TTC actively then - is really not very effective. If you really don't like/can't use condoms, why not just do other pleasant things during those days? Use your imagination....

Whyissheontheship Thu 17-Dec-15 22:47:20

Thank you!

DH is allergic to spermicide so I think so that rules out pretty much all barrier methods - will have to get creative! How strict are you with your fertile days? I am temping and recording cm and don't find it a bother at all (it's kinda cool watching your body do stuff you never noticed or realised it did!). Just wondering how conservative to be with fertile days? Do you avoid 5 days before ovulation and two after, or more or less?

LidikaLikes Sun 03-Jan-16 21:14:54

Been doing this for nearly a year and I usually ovulate around day 12, so class my 'fertile time' as being from about day 9 to day 17... Only have full unprotected sex during period, during dry days with zero cervical fluid and once I'm sure the ovulation is over.

The previous poster recommended a book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Brilliant book, there's a site to go with it tcoyf

Be sure that ovulation has really happened before you start being unprotected again. I'm usually very cautious then and make sure I've had a 3 day temp spike, and that I've had 4 dry days with no sticky, stretchy, wet fluid.

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