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Nexplanon experiences?!

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Zee1345 Tue 08-Dec-15 13:33:21

So I gave birth to my daughter 13 weeks ago.
I decided while I was still pregnant that after she was born I wanted to get the nexplanon implant as a few members of my family had it/has it and had said it was the best contraception as you didn't need to take a pill every day and that it was the most effective contraception out there.So I decided to go with that and had it fitted on 15th October 2015 when my baby was around 5 weeks old,I hadn't and still haven't had a period since I have given birth,I told the nurse that who fitted my implant and she didn't say anything but now I've heard your supposed to wait till you've had at least one period after you've had the baby to get it fitted ! Is that true ? I bled for about 3 weeks after I had it inserted but I don't know if that may have been a period of it was still post partum bleeding as I hadn't stopped postpartum bleeding when I had it really unsure,but don't think so as there were no clots in the blood I was loosing which made me think it wasn't a and my husband started having sex again 3 weeks post partum using condoms,I also know they are supposed to do a pregnancy test before they insert it but they didn't.a few weeks after I had the implant inserted I started having really bad lower stomach pains,not period pains just stomach pains don't know how else to describe it,like a really painful dull ache in my lower abdomen,and my stomach felt firmer than before.went to the doctor ad explained everything and advised me to take a pregnancy test,I didn't see how I could be pregnant anyway after using condoms and then having the implant fitted.she did one there for me and it was negative and did a uti test and it was negative too and sent me away.the pains continued but settled down a few weeks ago,but yesterday they have started up again,the same pains but this time all over my lower stomach,and my stomach seems to be getting firmer,I don't know if it's from the implant or what,doctor keeps sending me away,still haven't had any period 13 weeks post partum just random brown jelly discharge all the time which I know your periods can stop from nexplanon but I would have thought I would have had some kind of bleeding by now as I couldn't breast feed.aside from that I get really really bad headaches and after getting it fitted I started with terrible mood swings and me and my husband are always fighting and I'm ruining my marriage by the way I'm acting! I've only had it in 2 months but I want it out but my sister in law is saying they won't remove it before 6 months but it's my body and I want it out! I want to go back on the pill but my husband is telling me to leave the implant in but I can't cope with the bad stomach pains headaches and mood swings,at the end of the day I've got a baby to look after and most of the days I can't even sit down because my stomach hurts to much so how am I supposed to look after her when I'm feeling like this? I don't know whether to take another pregnancy test,I took 2/3 about 4/5 weeks ago and all negative but my stomach is really hurting and my lower stomach is getting firmer,don't know what to do,don't know if it's the stupid implant causing all this! Just want it out but my sil saying they won't before 6 months!! Does anyone know if they will take it out now or will I have to wait till 6 months is up?
What are your experiences on nexplanon?

knittingqueen Thu 10-Dec-15 21:48:57

I don;'t know if your SIL is right. They may try to refuse to take it out initially but I bet you could get it out if you were persistant (I know someone they did that too until she claimed she wanted it out to TTC)

Worriedbf92 Wed 30-Dec-15 11:43:37

Hi there my girlfriend has had this implant for just over a year now and things have never really been too good with it. She has had a low sex drive pretty much the entire time she has had it and spots on her face/chest. Nothing major but enough for her to notice. Secondly I believe it has made her become stressed more easily and even mildly depressed. She recently stepped up to a managers role in her part time job which tied in with her starting placement for university so she was essentially working 9til10 monday to Friday. Since about 3/4s of the way through placement I noticed she has started to go out drinking more and more and this has taken priority over our relationship. Having read through posts on here I have noticed over time, especially in younger people, this implant can cause depression like symptoms and I know that often makes people behave wrecklessly. We have only had sex once in around 3 or 4 weeks and I barely see her at all. We talked on Sunday and she said that although she sees our future together and wants us to marry and have kids that she doesn't feel like a relationship is what she needs at the present moment because she keeps hurting me/letting me down. Having read up on this implant and the side affects related I believe this could have a big part to play. Am I wrong to think this and simply burying my head in the sand?

MrsS182 Thu 31-Dec-15 13:56:42

Worried her mood change could be due to the implant. I had to get it removed as it completely changed my moods and was starting to negatively effect my relationship

Worriedbf92 Thu 31-Dec-15 20:59:17

Do you mind if u ask in what way sorry?

MrsS182 Thu 31-Dec-15 21:04:28

Not at all! It made me very anxious and completely irrational. I became really snappy at my partner and invented scenarios in my head about what he was or wasn't doing then picking a fight with him for no reason. Complete change in character as I was a very calm relaxed person beforehand. It was only a chance conversation with a friend who also on the same implant and having the same issues that I realised it was the implant.

Worriedbf92 Thu 31-Dec-15 21:10:57

I think stress from work/uni has triggered the things I said. Like she used to go out, obviously, were both young but it was never the priority in her life whereas it seems like she's put me on the back burner and the nights out are the priority. I feel like it's been a cocktail of the stress from work and the side effects of this implant. There's been minor side effects the whole time but til I read up on it I didn't realise it caused so many people relationship problems.

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