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ami going mad

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Carlanjamie Tue 17-Nov-15 19:05:41

Has anyone ever had pregnancy signs but not really pregnant? Last week or so I been getting head aches leg aches feeling sick on n off back ache my smell is more sensative n my temp been up a bit higher then normal my period only last half a day and was a dark brown then spotted for two days on n off but when I did the pregnancy test it was negative. Went to the dr but they said just to repeat the test n if still negative to keep an eye on my periods for three months then go back if still not having a what I call normal period. I starting to wonder if it's my body playing tricks.

I re tested this afternoon and was still negative :-( my lower belly is cramping and so is my lower back I feel as if period caning but it's not turning up!

The day before my said period came I had what I call pms belly cramps back ache n leg ache I came on the next day but just for half a day no cramps and spotting in n off for two days later dark brown blood.

Am so confused as periods are normally bang on when I had unprotected sex it was in the time of my ovulating period hence why I think I could be pregnant but my bloody tests are saying am not but yet my body says other things.

Am so confused.

I hope my post makes sense
Someone please help me .!!

lizi311 Sun 29-Nov-15 23:01:41

Hey, maybe your hormone levels aren't high enough yet. When I first missed my period the test came back neg, 2 days later no period & still a neg test...after 2 weeks and still no period I decided to do another test & it came back positive x

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