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desperate for hysterectomy

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LittleBabyLucas Tue 10-Nov-15 23:20:29

I turned 30 last week yey!
I have 3 babies aged 3, 18 months and 15 weeks.
I have such a serious reaction to hormone contraceptives I've been red carded for most combination pills, mini pills, depo, and most recently mirena.
The only contraception I can currently use is condoms due to suffering with extremely heavy periods (3 weeks on going through a pack of pads an hour and only 5 days off) my 15 week old was a result of a condom "mishap" I took the morning after pill and still ended up pregnant with my dd
The mirena was fitted so badly that not only did it fall out and tear my womb I got a serious infection which landed me in hospital.
I need help
Every gp I've spoken to has laughed when I go in begging for a hysterectomy.
I've had my babies we don't want any more
Dh is having the same problem with getting a vasectomy
I'm at my wits end
My mum had the same problem she kept fighting until she was 40 and tried to commit suicide because no dr would listen to her she went for councilling and it was advised she needed the op
I'm not going to put my family through what I went through as a child, having a parent constantly down tired and miserable
I really need advise

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