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mirena threads painful?

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LittleBabyLucas Sat 24-Oct-15 14:28:40

Hi had a mirena fitted 2 days ago was prepared for a painful fitting so was suprised when it dudnt hurt at all. On the way out of the surgery I could feel a stabbing needle like pain just inside my vagina. By the time I was home I could feel it constantly but was worse when I had a coughing fit to the point I was in tears. I called the surgery and spoke to the gp that fitted it and was told if I have a 'fiddle down there' and can feel a stick to come back in if not it's just the threads and to push them back up. Well it's not a stick so must be the threads I actually stabbed my finger on one! I have to keep pushing the threads up every few hours but can constantly feel where they are. I'm also feeling nausea lethargic and a sort of woozy feeling. Obviously the surgery is shut over the weekend but this really doesn't feel normal. I can't have hormone pills etc due to a bad reaction migraines excessive weight gain and violent mood swings where I've actually kicked my parter out of the house for just leaving a cup in the front room!

MiniJellyBeans Sat 24-Oct-15 14:58:58

Hi Little, it sounds as if the coil might be partially or completely expelled. You shouldn't be able to feel the threads at all (unless you're feeling for them with a finger), so I suspect you're feeling the stem of the device within the vagina. If you phone your GP surgery number, you should be automatically transferred to the out of hours service for advice, and hopefully will be offered a consultation today so a doctor or nurse can check the coil. Feel free to message me if you want more advice.

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