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egg donation should I

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mummyof6uk Wed 21-Oct-15 13:57:49

Has anyone donated eggs I am in town minds to do it or not
What we're your experiences reaction to the drugs I would like children in the future please help in need of some advice

holeinmyheart Wed 21-Oct-15 20:22:25

I haven't, but I desperately want you to donate, as someone I love very much needs an egg.
However, I do know someone who has donated. She said it wasn't too bad. It entailed injections to boost egg production and the egg collection.
She was in contact with a person privately and was paid expenses.
An agency will pay you £750.
Please do it.....
The only thing is in the UK the donor will not have anonymity. So a child may come looking for you in the future. But whoever you donate to, might agree to keeping in touch.
If you donate in Spain, you would be anonymous.

mummyof6uk Thu 22-Oct-15 11:19:28

Hi thank you for your reply I have heard that it hurts and I don't want to be in pain

holeinmyheart Thu 22-Oct-15 15:35:34

I wish I had had the knowledge when I was young. I would have seriously thought about it. It is such a generous gift to a childless couple.
I cannot underestimate how much more the pain of being childless is than a harvesting of eggs.
Anyway, the correct thing to do is approach a government agency and have a frank discussion.
You see I am biased. I have children myself but one of them is now struggling to become pregnant. It is utterly heart breaking and unbelievable stressful. I can hardly bear their pain.

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