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What are my options? New baby, BF.....

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Nottalotta Wed 09-Sep-15 13:27:06

DS is 6.5wk old, I am 38. We may want another child in future. I ws on depo provera for many years and got on really well with it. Until i stopped and it took 8 months for Af to return and a further 2 yrs to get i don't want to go back on it.

I realise condoms are an option. I don't want to have a coil fitted.

My last GP told me i was too old for the pill (??)

I am exclusively breast feeding, and haven't had a period yet.

What else is available?

MiniJellyBeans Wed 09-Sep-15 18:26:33

Hi Notta. Congratulations on your new baby!

You are not too old for all contraceptive pills, but combined pills are not suitable when breastfeeding under 6 months, and are also contraindicated (especially in the over 35 age group) with certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, being overweight, smoking, migraine or a strong family history of heart disease/stroke. However, a progestogen-only pill (POP), sometimes referred to as "the mini pill", would certainly be suitable when breastfeeding and POPs don't have the contraindications listed above. In addition, you already know that Depo Provera suits you, and this is also a progestogen-only method, so hopefully you'd also be happy on POP.

You don't have to wait for a period before starting contraception - it might be months before you have a period if you're exclusively breastfeeding.

Also, just to point out that the situation where you are 1)less than 6 months postnatal, 2)exclusively breastfeeding (at least 4 hourly/6 feeds in 24 hours) and 3)having no periods at all, in itself confers 98% contraceptive cover because it inhibits ovulation (google "lactational amenorrhoea method" if you want to know more). However, 98% may not feel effective enough, and you do have to be careful when the feeds become more spaced apart.

Nottalotta Wed 09-Sep-15 20:44:45

Hi mini that's really helpful thank you! I will be seeing my New GP soon but wanted to know a bit beforehand.

The mini pill sounds like a good option. :-)

MiniJellyBeans Wed 09-Sep-15 21:23:51

Also just to add that another option available to you while breastfeeding is the implant (Nexplanon). This is also a progestogen-only method, inserted into the skin of the upper arm; it lasts 3 years but unlike Depo Provera it wears off straight away after removal, because the whole implant is removed intact, meaning the hormone is undetectable in your bloodstream by day 7 after removal.

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