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Marina's a positive review!

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Lesley107 Sun 09-Aug-15 09:30:59

Ok I don't normally post things but as I was one of the people fanatically searching for answers like this one 'will it hurt having my marina coil taken out' I thought I'd let you know how it was for me YESTERDAY!
I went to have my old one (of 5yrs) removed and new one replaced & after reading LOTS of reviews I was DREADING it! Well, a very experienced nurse called my name & I explained that at my last smear test (2wks ago) my gp nurse couldn't find my cervix never mind my strings to my coil! After another visit she found my cervix but no sign of the strings so they wasn't even sure if it was still there (I knew it was otherwise I'd hv baby no.5 by now)!
When I was examined (yesterday) she said cervix was seen clearly but agreed couldn't see or feel strings!confused but then pulled out these LONG gripper like tool!! Se inserted them (which didn't hurt) then just as I felt a small pinching-like feeling (and said ooo) she said "great now cough" as I coughed she pulled and out popped the coil!!!...pretty painless and I was totally relieved.
Then...came the inserting of the new one!hmmthe nurse said she had to call another nurse in as you can go into 'cervical shock' (which I'd never heard of) anyway..this was slightly more uncomfortable as apparently your cervix closes up after any truma and removing the coil (to my cervix) was a truma! The measuring was a little uncomfortable as my cervix refused to open for some time but it went! No problem at all!! I've had quite a bit of bleeding but today's not so bad. I've got no pain at all and only had nurrofen when I came home after the procedure. I would recommend the marina coil, my skin was fine & I've had less mood swings whilst with this & although some people don't have any periods I did through the whole 5yrs but they were so light for only 2 days & no horrible period pains whatsoever. I did however get cysts on my ovaries which dispersed on their own (and I may of got them anyway). So anyone thinking about getting one here is a positive post instead of all the negative ones!! Good luck girls!! OR easier choice...get partner to get a vascectomy!!!grin

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