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Painful periods - age or fibroids?

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Piggywiggywoo Sun 12-Jul-15 11:05:57

I'm 39 and am on day 3 of the most painful period I've ever had. I've never had "good" periods and despite never asking others to compare, I assume my flow is quite heavy (it may be normal how do we tell?)

I am hoping to try for a baby but worry these crippling periods are a sign of fibroids or something else. I didn't have any fibroids 6 years ago when I had my first & thought they were less likely after a child. Basically I wake up in the morning with horrible cramps and it takes a good hour or so for painkillers to kick in where heat doesn't work. Sometimes I need to double up with ibuprofen & cocodamol. I never used to be this bad. I am off to the GP to get checked out but she's already against me trying for another child as I'm "too old" so I don't hold out much hope of support. I don't want to go on Birth control unless I know there's no chance of pregnancy.

I guess I'm curious to know if periods can become cripplingly painful without it meaning fibroids or menopause or anything negative to my health?

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