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getting desperate now ��

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MrsGiraffe12 Thu 09-Jul-15 22:33:11

Me (28) and DH (29) have decided we 100% don't want any children but because we are "too young" our doctors say there is no point referring either of us for sterilisation as the hospital won't do it. I queried this as I've had 2 high risk pregnancies, a c section, a 3rd degree tear with stitches in my cervix and also a missed miscarriage with ERPC. But apparently that doesn't matter, my age is the biggest concern here!

Anyways...due to me being obese, and also family history of heart attacks, blood clots and strokes I cannot take combined contraceptives, which I believe leaves me with the implant, mini pill, jab, mirena, copper coil, condoms or natural family planning.

I've had the mini pill cerazette before and HATED the stark raving loony I became on it. With the Implanon implant I bled constantly and became anaemic. I am reluctant to try a coil due to my scarred up cervix. I won't consider natural family planning as I said above, we don't want a 3rd child due to my health risks. Which leaves the jab or condoms
Am I missing any contraceptives I could try?! Or should I fight for a 2nd opinion about being sterilised?

Ullaviking Fri 10-Jul-15 10:08:01

Get a second opinion. Seems very unfair to me.

iwantavuvezela Fri 10-Jul-15 10:13:12

That sounds very difficult. I wonder if you could ask if you could freeze some eggs / sperm so that might take away their reason of not offering you this procedure, that you might want another child - and then have a sterilization?
I would try as Ullaviking says to get another opinion?

DPotter Fri 10-Jul-15 10:53:12

So its not as if you don't want any children - you have finished your family - is that right? This gives a different perspective.
It might that your local health authority has an age guidance for sterilisations or maybe reluctant to pay for them at all - might be worth checking this with your GP. If this is the case not all is lost - you can request a referral to the gynaecologist to discuss options as they will be the route for requesting treatments not routinely covered..
alternatively you can find out how much it would cost for private treatment

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