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New to pill (Cilest), 14 days continuous bleeding with no end in sight...

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huggybare Wed 08-Jul-15 00:27:24

I started Cilest on the first day of my period and for like 5 days thought I'd gotten off 'lightly' with what are usually nightmarish periods.

After that it got progressively heavier and is now a fairly heavy and constant flow of fresh blood and cramps. I called the doctor and she said I should 'grin and bear it' as it's normal with new pills, and I understand that but it's a bit worrying. Have any of you guys experienced this? Does it stop?

I'm going camping next week and the plan was to run two packs together (the 7-day break falls EXACTLY on the trip) but at this rate I think that could actually make the situation worse!

Please help my blood-deprived brain :-(

BadcatBertram Wed 08-Jul-15 00:35:22

I'm having the exact same problem with cileste. I started my pill on 20th June, the first day of my period, and I haven't stopped bleeding since ..... Mine too is getting heavier with a few clots etc (sorry) and cramping..... It's becoming a real pain and I just hope it stops after my next 'real' period when I start taking the next pack of pills.

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