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Endometriosis confusion

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Wonkina123 Wed 24-Jun-15 22:06:01

Recently diagnosed with endometriosis after an investigative laparoscopy for left side pelvic pain. Surgeon removed some bits of endo & also advised it had caused adhesions which have tangled up my bowel & ovary which he removed a little of but didnt want to do too much because of risk to bowel. Have my follow up in a few weeks & on lap day he implied he might consider referral to bowel surgeons if pain didnt improve. To be honest pains are probably worse now then they were before so am now starting to worry about next steps & what he might suggest. To make me feel even more confused is ive been feeling all these pregnancy like symptoms for past few weeks eveb though im on pill (so pregnancy almost impossible) - like needing to wee constantly, feeling nauseous, bloating, breast twinges. Not sure if this is endo symptoms? Dh & I had agreed not to have children but the confusion & gynae issues mean im feeling all a bit weird about it all.
Anyone had treatment on endo bowel adhesions & can tell me what it might involve? Or other endo experiences to share?

torthecatlady Thu 12-Nov-15 23:45:09

Hi, sorry to hear you're having problems sad

I have endo. It's awful - I understand the pain! thanks
Suffering right now, which is why I stumbled upon this thread! smile

I don't have any specific bowel adhesions to my knowledge (as of lap 2 years ago) although things were apparently a mess in there!

I get all of the symptoms you list, however you should absolutely bring this up with your specialist and tell them how worried you are. Everyone is different and you know your own body better than anyone else smile

I hope you find the answers you are looking for! Pm me if you ever need a moan smile x

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