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Removing copper coil

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rosiebt Thu 18-Jun-15 20:53:47

Hi. Have booked to have my copper coil removed for various reasons and am wondering if I will bleed?
I have booked in to have a Brazilian wax about an hour after ( it was only appointment I could get confused) Should I cancel the wax??

rosiebt Sat 20-Jun-15 18:15:37


Coincidenceschmoincidence Sat 20-Jun-15 18:26:37

I didn't bleed with mine but I did feel a bit sensitive and having a wax wasn't top of my list at that point.

I'd try and move it if you can. Otherwise, take a couple of painkillers beforehand. And a glass of wine after.

rosiebt Mon 22-Jun-15 22:52:40

Thank you smile Will cancel the wax!

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