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Abortion via the pill

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jilted Fri 08-May-15 20:44:41

Hello, Sorry that this is a sensitive topic. I found out I was pregnant yesterday (goodness knows how!) and have 3 young children already with dh. I know I won't be able to handle a fourth so have made the difficult decision.
I called BiPas today and was offered an appointment on Wednesday.
They asked if I wanted the consultation etc in the same day and I said yes.

They said I'll be there all day.
Does this mean I'll be given all the pills on the same day or will I have to go back?
Just trying to figure out if DH needs to take another day off work and arrange for the children.

One other thing they mention is that it can't be given over 35. What s te reason for this? I'm 35 in June so just miss it.
Thank you

TheLastPickleInTheJar Mon 18-May-15 20:59:27

I've just seen this jilted. You've probably been to the clinic by now; I wish i'd seen your post sooner so that i could have tried to answer your questions and redirect you to the Pregnancy Choices board.

How did it go at the clinic? I was offered the pill at my first appointment after the scan but i declined because i wanted a bit more thinking time.

TheLastPickleInTheJar Mon 18-May-15 21:00:50

Oh, and i had the pill when i was over 35 as have a lot of women on the forum so i'm not sure what that's about?

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