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Awful periods-doctor doesn't care!

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Rose138 Sun 26-Apr-15 18:20:22

Hi everyone,

I wouldn't usually post about this kind of thing but I really need advice please as I'm going to my doctor and she doesn't seem to care! Very frustrating.

My periods have been awful since I had my son 5 months ago. Perhaps this is to be expected but the pain is getting to be unbearable. It's mainly my left side (maybe one Fallopian tube?)

I was induced with my son and after he was born I had a major PPH and had a blood transfusion. They lost a swab as well as all very rushed and busy in the room. They sent me for an X-ray and said they were 'confident' that the swab wasn't there. This could all not be related but it does cause me to worry.

I've seen my doctor three times about this over the past four months. She just tells me to take ibuprofen-which really isn't touching the pain at all! As well as the pain my periods are now a lot heavier and for a longer time-again though, perhaps this is to be expected after having a baby?

Any advice would be great. Thank

sksk Wed 20-May-15 18:28:28

You could ask to see a different doctor. It is not reasonable to just be told to take ibuprofen every time! Ask about mefenamic acid. Could you go on the Pill? Has she referred you for an ultrasound (different from an x-ray)? Lots of questions- go into your appointment with a list of questions, or ask them to refer you to a gynaecologist. Best of luck!

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