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missing merina coil!

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jessiicafayecook Thu 23-Apr-15 21:51:44

I had my coil fitted last April...Very unpleasant and painful but was informed I had more discomfort as I dint deliver my son naturally. (Don't know how true that is!) 6 week check all was well. For around the past 4 months had alot of lower abdomen bloating and recently ever time me and hubby have sex I bleed for about a week. Went docs today to see about removal. She tried to take it out there and then but couldn't find it after several attempts with different instruments, oh they joys!! Being referred for a scan now to locate...anybody had this happen to them? If so what happens next? Did u have the same problems I was having? Tia x

Chelsea89 Tue 07-Jul-15 12:15:52

My situation was kind of the same but my coil lasted all of two weeks. I had it put in and the pain was horrific and it never eased it made my anxiety worse so I went to get it removed and they couldn't find it, I got refered to hospital for removal and they couldn't find it, they did a scan and found it but couldn't reach it to remove. I had to have an operation under GA to get it out then I ended up with pelvic infection and was in hospital on IV antibiotics, painkillers and fluids for a week. Was the worse thing I did agreeing to have it put in. They was sure with mine that it had "fell out" how that happens I'm not sure. When is your scan? I hope all is well and it's simple removal x

slippermaiden Tue 07-Jul-15 12:21:06

Yes yes! I had heavy periods with my mire a for about a year, and one time it just didn't stop. After about 3 weeks I went to the gp and was referred for a scan and X-ray. No sign of it anywhere, not sure what happened but I do use a mooncup so I wonder if that pulled it out!

Hesalovernotabiter Fri 10-Jul-15 13:35:05

Oh my, I found this thread before I posted a very similar question... I'm beginning to believe mine may have fallen out hmm

After I had mine put in I got a bit squeamish about it and couldn't bring myself to check it was still there, now I just cannot find those bloody threads anywhere. I'm going to have to send DP looking for them aren't it?!

How did you ladies realise yours had gone or suspected they had?

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