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Mirena insertion, tilted cervix

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LtheWife Sat 24-Jan-15 11:06:54

The last gynae consultant I saw wants me to get a mirena to manage my endometriosis. I'm a little concerned about insertion though as I have a tilted cervix. My most recent smear took four attempts and lets just say it was far from comfortable! When I asked the nurse who did the smear about getting a mirena she was reluctant to recommend one but wouldn't say why, just suggested going to the family planning clinic.

I'm guessing the tilted cervix is going to make insertion more difficult. Does anyone have any experience? Should I go the family planning clinic route as the nurse suggested or would I be better off asking to be referred back to the consultant? I'd guess the family planning clinic do mirena insertions more frequently than the consultant so might be an easier process. Need to get it sorted fairly quickly either way as not only do I need it for the endo, I'm about to start a course of medication in the very near future that requires me to have rock solid contraceptive cover.

goodasitgets Sat 24-Jan-15 11:12:27

Mine is tilted and I have a copper one, was absolutely fine
Have it done at family planning where they do them all the time, and you can have instilligel which is a local anaesthetic

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