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How did you feel after having a copper coil fitted?

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Churchillian Mon 12-Jan-15 00:07:36

Was it painful to gave it fitted and did you have any pain afterwards? How severe was it? Like bad period pain?

I'm due to have my first coil fitted on Tuesday morning. I'm 3 months post birth and am having some issues with healing of stitches/scarring so the whole area is still tender too (I'm due to see a consultant re this early next month)

Just found out that the childcare I'd arranged on Tuesday has fallen through so I'd have to take my 2 year old plus the baby with me on the bus to the appointment and back and look after them afterwards all day. I'm wondering whether I should postpone as I will have no back-up if I am in pain and will not be able to rest. WWYD?

Churchillian Mon 12-Jan-15 00:08:30

Sorry have it fitted

trixymalixy Mon 12-Jan-15 00:10:56

I would postpone. I wasn't prepared for nearly fainting afterwards. If I ever have another fitted I will not drive myself to the appointment.

Some people have no bother with it, but I felt dreadful. The actual fitting wasn't too painful in itself though.

hms14 Fri 16-Jan-15 02:53:30

Most people i spoke to didn't have any issues with the fitting. But the equipment they put down there made me tense up making it painful. Straight after i had this intense pain localised in the middle of my thigh right in my bone. I had to sleep it off with paracetamol for a few hours before it got better. Also experienced cramping for a few hours. But that subsides with time. So i think postpone it. U never know how you might react to it.

goodasitgets Fri 16-Jan-15 02:58:12

Drove myself there and back both times
First one was a breeze. Expelled itself after maybe 9 months
Second one hurt, I had cramps and bleeding after. Was ok but did nap for a bit!
Ask for instilligel, it's a local anaesthetic
I took paracetamol and ibuprofen before

GreenSpaghetti Fri 16-Jan-15 03:08:28

I had my first 1 fitted pre child birth and it hurt like hell. Numbers 2 & 3 post births were a breeze but I had healed down there by that point. I also had cramping and needed to take paracetamol for it. Tbh, I wouldn't have wanted to take a child and have to return on a bus. I would postpone in your position I think.

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