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dionne13 Sun 14-Dec-14 02:59:13

Hi i got coil in about 6 months ago so unhappy and belly not the same. Cant really sleep sex life not interested .love partner to bits but just as if not my self what do i do. Already have 3 kids dont want any more tried other planning stuff and none worked with my body really dont know what to do ....

goodasitgets Sun 14-Dec-14 03:01:11

Is it a mirena or a copper one?

dionne13 Sun 14-Dec-14 03:03:41

Mirena they said because i was so young could not do anything else.

goodasitgets Sun 14-Dec-14 03:57:36

I have a copper one that has been great. Expelled the first one (they left the strings too long, mooncup entanglement!)
I'm 30, no children. Periods are maybe a day or two longer but no heavier. I don't get on with hormonal contraception which is why I got this

ReluctantCamper Sun 14-Dec-14 04:55:30

Copper coil here too as hormonal contraception gave me all the symptoms you describe. I've had one on and off since I was 21. Ditch the mirena and go copper!

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