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Copper Coil... PAIN...

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BeanSpr0ut Tue 11-Nov-14 20:08:21

Has anyone had the copper coil and had severe pains with it?

I've had it now for 6 months and I have sharp stabbing pains monthly, for about a week running up to my period. Whilst on my period I get awful back cramp parallel to where I get the stabbing pains round the front of my pelvis. It's ALWAYS on the right side, right next to my hip area.
I've been to see the GP and have decided to book an appointment to have it removed.

I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this?!


muthafuzza Wed 12-Nov-14 17:47:26

i don't think that sounds right. it hurts a little the first time its in but after month or two it shouldn't hurt. i can feel mine. i know it can move about sometimes and i can totally feel it but if its hurting its because it must be pressing in on you somewhere, so maybe its too big a size or its got moved around the wrong way. defo have it out and if the doctor thinks he knows what the problem was maybe you can have it replaced properly.

itsonlysubterfuge Thu 13-Nov-14 09:41:20

Yes I did have the same pains, but with my left side. It was agony. I kept mine in for almost two years though. I had all the tests, the next step was to have exploratory surgery, but they wanted to take the coil out first. I had the coil removed and the pain went away. I also got pain when moving a lot, for example doing the vacuuming or a lot of bending up and down. I switched to the Mirena coil and the pain has been better, however I still do get the odd left sided pain and pain with movement, such as a lot of bending.

They still haven't figured out why I get the pain, only that it must be my body and nothing bad is actually happening, i.e. it hasn't moved or anything.

Hopefully you can find relief when you get it removed.

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