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Should I go back on cerazette? what other options do I have? (long sorry)

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mouselittle Tue 21-Oct-14 11:14:43

I took cerazette for about 3 years (with no problems) before coming off to get pregnant.
had DD and went back on cerazette but had awful mood swings/depression (looking back I think I may have had undiagnosed PND) got switched to micronor for 3 months but went back to cerazette as I kept forgetting to take it at the same time.

another 3 years on and I was sick to death of bleeding and spotting for weeks on end so I asked (trainee) GP if I could try the combined pill but he wasn't keen as my blood pressure was high (130/80 hmm ) so in the end I went back on micronor.

I've been on it for 9 months and my periods are regular which is great, my moods have been better and my obsessive house cleaning and anxiety has calmed down a lot (didn't realise it was a problem before)
however I've put on weight i can't lose and I'm tired all the time. I'm also losing hair. I also have stomach cramps and breast pain and swelling.
I'm thinking about going back on cerazette to see how i am but I'm scared the GP will think I'm messing them about. they keep trying to give me the coil but I'm squeamish about it and feel it's not so easy to remove if it doesn't suit.
I've tried the implant in the past and bled constantly for 9 months before having it removed.

can anyone relate to all this? any advice?

sorry it was so long.

mouselittle Thu 23-Oct-14 09:08:28


Natalie1989xo Thu 23-Oct-14 09:38:47

Don't feel bad about going back to the doctor. I for a while was backwards and forwards to the GP. Cerazette is what eventually I was prescribed, you may find that like me you are very limited on the types of contraception you can use. From what I hwar the coil is a simple procedure to fit and remove. And best of all, hormone free so you shouldn't suffer with weight gain, irregular bleesing etc. Good luck to you.

mouselittle Thu 23-Oct-14 11:13:00

Thanks for your reply.
Ideally I think I'd like to try cerazette again for a few months and if it didn't work out just go back on micronor and tolerate the side effects.
The coil sounds great but the thought of having to check the cords puts me off completely.

acatcalledjohn Sun 23-Nov-14 21:27:13

I tried Cerazette and it was fine, then decided on the arm implant (Nexplanon I think) as its effectively the same hormone and will rule out any chance of forgetting. I ended up suffering weight gain & mood swings and my sex drive simply plummeted, so went back on to cerazette as that was always fine. Well, not anymore as the symptoms remained. we used condoms for a bit (what a mood killer) and eventually settled on the copper coil. For me that has been great as my sex drive came back after coming off hormonal contraception. Mood swings have gone too, which is a relief for my boyfriend.

So yes, go back to the GP and discuss your options. For me it was clear that hormones were simply not agreeing with me anymore, so I had to go for a copper coil. Whichever way, a GP or family planning nurse is the best person to discuss this with.

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