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monkeysbignuts Tue 30-Sep-14 19:03:49

Hi, not been on here for ages. I've come for some advice. I had the implant fitted 10 months ago, since then my moods have been very up and down, I get very grumpy and then depressed. I've bled almost constantly (with the odd 4 or 5 days off here and there) & I am also struggling to loose weight. I feel fat and miserable on it.
Has anyone else had problems with the implant? I'm not making an appointment to see the gp, I've just made one with the nurse to get it removed.
I'm not allowed combined contraceptive after a blood clot scare. And I refuse to have the coil fitted after my friend got pregnant with the mirena coil.
Help, any advice or reassurance that I'm not going completely crackers

cherrybombxo Wed 01-Oct-14 11:19:58

I did, it was miserable. I bled non-stop for weeks and then it switched to one week on, one week off. My moods were awful, I was weepy and jealous of my (then) partner whenever he did anything without me, I had hot flushes and random rages. I begged the doctor to take it out.

loudarts Wed 01-Oct-14 11:31:10

I hated it, I didn't have the constant bleeding, periods were really random,but constant hormonal moods, sore breasts, weight gain. It was a lot like being pregnant.

chloejaynemummy Sun 30-Nov-14 18:02:30

I hated it as well. Had it put in after my lg never lost any weight put more on terrible mood swings also I always bled hardly stopped was wearing me nd my partner down now on mini pill loads better xx

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