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copper coil removal-no threads seen

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druscilliah Wed 04-Jun-14 21:26:46

I visited family planning to have my coil removed, due to its expiry date, to be told they couldn't see anything up there! The nurse told me what the normal practice is in these cases, but told me she was referring me to a specialist without having a scan first. Now, normally, I would be full of questions but as end of school was nearing, I just nodded politely, thanked the nurse and went on my way. Does anyone know what the specialist will do, or how they will try and remove the coil? I've declined searching google for answers, as I know all I'll get back is horror stories! Any info/advice would be muchly appreciated smile

scaevola Mon 23-Jun-14 08:49:46

Has your referral date come through?

I'd expect the specialist to scan you to see if it is still there, and decide how best they can reach it. They should explain all the options.

It's possible it has dropped out without you noticing. So they won't need to do anything, but you need alternative contraception immediately.

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