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Mirena coil help tmi alert

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Celestria Wed 04-Jun-14 10:44:44

I have had the coil for eighteen months and have to admit to never having it checked after it was inserted.

I decided to check the strings last night and I can't find them. I have had four kids and my cervix always sits low blush so it's not hard for me to check. It's also always a little open. I can find no trace of the strings or even feel the very tip of the coil that I used to be able to feel inside the entrance to my cervix.

I was very ill in January and dropped to six stone. I am now getting better and would say I am about nine and a half. My boobs have got very much bigger and I am tired all the time. I also had thrush last week. The only time I have ever had thrush is in early pregnancy. So I went out and got some tests. Four negatives so I presume I am not and the weight gain is responsible for going up two cup sizes , the tiredness is my anti depressants and the thrush is a coincidence.

I am making an appointment with the gp.but I can't shake the feeling I may be pregnant. I also haven't bled for three months. It's not unusual for me to be irregular though not for this long. If any of the symptoms were pregnancy though it would definitely show on a test right?

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 04-Jun-14 20:20:37

Just watching with interest. The only thing that's stopped poas is the sheer dread! grin

GothMummy Mon 16-Jun-14 14:35:49

How did you get on? Are you pregnant? Did your mirena fall out?I just found out (after scans and x-rays) that my mirena fell out but I did not realise. I find this hard to believe, so I would love to know other people's experiences.

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