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Mid-cycle spotting - what could it be?

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Honeydukes Sat 17-May-14 19:27:22

My periods are regular, 28 days. I've had some spotting today, day 17 and I've seen that can be from ovulation but I think I've already ovulated because I had mild period type cramps on day 13 which I think was ovulation pains, I did have rough sex yesterday and the day before. Any ideas?

meditrina Sat 17-May-14 23:36:56

Are you in date for smears?

Also, it might be worth making a GP appointment. Other causes of bleeding after sex include cervical polyps. And mid cycle bleeding generally can be caused by endometriosis, adenomyosis or fibroids.

juneybean Sat 17-May-14 23:40:41

You may have grazed your cervix during the rough sex but always worth getting it checked out

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