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Copper coil experiences

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Canihaveonemoreslice Thu 15-May-14 23:15:01

Hi. I'm trying to find suitable contraceptive as I realise my withdrawal method is probably risky.
Problem is I don't like the feel of condoms and I've tried the pill, mini pill and injections but all give me monthly debilitating migraines. So I guess I need something that isn't hormone based.
The one option is the copper coil. Can anyone share their stories to help me decide? I have no idea what other contraceptive to use otherwise.

stella69x Thu 15-May-14 23:35:28

I had one fitted many years ago as I was crisp with taking the pill so it was done as emergency contraception with the benefit of long term contraception on my instance. I didn't have any problems related to it, for example heavier periods as I am a light bleeder any way.
I did have it exchanged however for a mirina after 12-18 months as I am better with hormones. (Without I am a bitch for 2 weeks a month)

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