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Does anyone else get normal periods with mirena?

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Itsjustmeagain Wed 14-May-14 06:35:58

I have had my mirena for 2 years. I am generally happy but was wondering if anyone else had this problem?

I get a pretty heavy period which is normal for me without mirena, the difference being that without mirena it lasted 6 days every 35 days like clockwork but with mirena it is more like every 20 odd days and lasts longer with stopping and starting for up to 14 days with a heavier So some months i might be lucky and get a couple of weeks bleeding free but other months i might only get a matter of a week in between stopping spotting from last time and the whole thing starting again!

The other thing is that the actual bleeding (sorry about this) is often really clotty and um tissuey.

I also always had very clear ovulation pains which i still get most months.
I am pretty sure it working as its been two years and I am not pregnant whereas I have 5 children I got pregnant within 2 months of trying with each one so I feel like I would be pregnant by now if it wasnt working!

I went to the doctor after 6 months and kept going back until he sent me for a scan which showed it was in the right place, they suggested the bleeding was coming from a cyst but by the time I went for another scan the cyst was gone.

I can still feel one string - I assume the other is in the somewhere and I have no unusual pain or symptoms other than the bleeding.

I like the coil because i am not pregnant! I got pregnant on the pill (I was also exclusively breastfeeding) so I am just wondering if anyone else has had an experience like this?


MrsHoolie Thu 15-May-14 20:13:10

I guess everybody is different. My periods completely stopped with the Mirena.
Does it annoy you having all the bleeding?

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