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No proper period on Yasmin pill, any idea what's going on?

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perrinelli Fri 09-May-14 08:57:51

I've been taking the yasmin contraceptive pull for a while, the last couple of months when I've taken a break the period hasn't been a proper period, looks like it's coming, starts off as it usually would with a few smears then nothing more the next day. It's really weird and I'm wondering if it's all pooling up somewhere inside and will gush out at some point! (Sorry - horrible thought...). Wondered if anyone else had experienced this. Looking back since I've been on it I think I have usually had pretty normal periods. I admit I'm not great at always remembering to take it so not 100% clear on where I actually am in the cycle but it's the second one of these 'non periods' I've had and they've been about a month apart.
I suppose I should buy a preg test to rule that out but I don't have any symptoms. Would you go to the doc about this or do you think its normal on the pill?

perrinelli Sat 10-May-14 10:30:16

Anyone experienced this?

Tealady1983 Tue 20-May-14 17:35:10

Hi I just seen your post. I am on Yasmin at the mo and am on here searching the same ish question. Did you do a preg test?

sammiejoe Mon 26-May-14 12:50:59

Hi found this online x

perrinelli Thu 29-May-14 23:03:52

Hi there,
Sammiejoe I can't see anything or a clickable link, could it be because I'm on my phone?

Few weeks on and still no period.
About a week ago did a preg test which was negative, wasn't surprised as didn't feel pregnant but thought it sensible to rule it out.

Since then I had a couple of days of v sore heavy boobs and sort of heaviness in my tummy which I often get before a period but nothing forthcoming.

Really not sure what to do from here! I started my 7 day break from yasmin some time ago - maybe 14 days? I've been putting off taking it again as I'm not sure what effect it could have if I was pregnant. It's silly really because in the meantime I've had sex which then makes me wonder if I could be pregnant, put off taking the pill again and so on!

What I really want is a stonking great period to show me everything's ok down there, clean slate, start this months pill and there you go.

perrinelli Tue 10-Jun-14 23:05:45

Just a quick update - feel like a complete idiot! It had been another couple of weeks so I thought I should do another pregnancy test - it was positive. Very mixed feelings and was nervous telling DH but it's sunk in a bit today and feeling like we will manage fine somehow with 3.
So in summary - I was lax about taking my pill, then got worried I could be pregnant so stopped taking it but didn't use any alternative methods at which point I did then get pregnant! Seems a bit obvious now but I really didn't think it would happen - we're not exactly at it like rabbits!
So in summary

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