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Essure sterilisation complications

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multitasker Mon 05-May-14 14:49:00

I had this procedure done over six years ago and initially thought it was great, no pills no condoms no hormones. But for the last two years I've had a battery of ailments that I could find no discernible cause for... Lower left pain where the insert is, back and constant neck pain, shortened menstrual cycle, occasional night sweats, recurrent thrush and now most worryingly hives and tingling in my hands every morning.
I for some reason thought I would google essure and was horrified to find all these listed as possible long term side effects. Many women in the USA are in much more severe pain than I am, and now Erin Brocovich has called for it to be removed. It seems there is a nickel component in the device which can cause an allergy... I can't wear cheap earrings and that might explain the hives. Am going to talk to my GP about removal, please, if you are considering this option think long and hard about it, when I got it done it was very new and there was very little information on it aside from the company leaflet. Now there is a wealth of information good/ bad on the web so do read it. I appreciate for every woman who has experienced problems like me there may be hundreds who think it the best thing ever and I envy them. Just be informed.

DebbieOfMaddox Mon 05-May-14 14:51:01

They should really have checked you for nickel sensitivity before they did it. A friend of mine was going to have Essure a couple of years back but failed her nickel sensitivity test so they wouldn't do it and she had to go for more conventional tube tying.

Huge sympathies!

multitasker Mon 05-May-14 14:56:56

I hope to have them removed and maybe opt for that. Fingers crossed my GP will understand.

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