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Having a "coil" fitted? Get pain relief

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ECS61 Fri 11-Apr-14 18:11:26


I notice that many of the Mumsnet members who have undergone "coil" procedures to fit an intrauterine system or intrauterine device (IUS/IUD - also known as Mirena and copper coil) and have been really shocked that they were not given pain relief for the procedure.

Fitting "coils" is a specialist procedure that specialist doctors and
nurses within the field of contraception and sexual health (CASH) do
extra training for. I am a nurse and a trainer of both doctors and nurses and have been fitting "coils" for several years. We always teach our trainees what pain relief to offer and have available for these procedures.Whilst many women choose not to use anything other than oral pain killers, many would not undergo the procedure if they did not have access to other methods of pain relief. In our clinic we pride
ourselves on the high uptake of "coils" and feel that this is because we
tell all our clients what pain relief is available should they want it. We believe we are the first NHS clinic in the country to routinely offer Entonox ("gas and air") if clients want it and this has significantly boosted uptake, especially amongst young women. Still the majority of our clients do not use these further pain relievers but many say they like our service knowing that they could opt for them if necessary.

It is true that many GPs surgeries do not offer a full range of pain
relieving methods for these procedures (despite having been taught them) this will only change if the clients demand it. Yes, I am sure it is about money....It took me 5 years to get the necessary equipment into
our clinics to offer Entonox to women, but it was time and money very well spent. After all, our clients have already paid for this in their taxes!
Who would go to the dentist for a filling, these days, if the dentist said they didn't used pain relievers?

Members wanting a "coil" fit, should ask their GP if pain relievers are
available and if not to self refer themselves to a CASH clinic (also known as Family Planning clinic) to have the procedure done there. CASH clinics are the specialist services in this field and we do many procedures a week and we are well used to helping anxious women through this necessary procedure. In fact the commonest comment after these procedures is " was SO much better than I thought..."

IUD and IUS can be life-changing for the better, and I would hope that with the right help more women would come forward for them. Don't suffer.

Sorry this is so long - I feel really strongly about this!

Nyborg Fri 11-Apr-14 19:10:33

This is really helpful stuff - thank you.

May I ask, as you're an expert - what's the likelihood of a copper coil being rejected? I'm shortly to have my first baby and will need reliable contraception for a few years afterwards; hormonal contraception tends not to agree with me, so I'm wondering about an IUD. However, I've heard a couple of bad stories about people becoming pregnant afterwards and not realising that it had come out again, and that's made me nervous.

MrsHoolie Sun 13-Apr-14 08:44:51

I have had two Mirena coils.
I have had two babies but by C section (only reached the dizzy heights of 4cm dilation) and I found the coil fittings completely painless!
I have no idea why but it was certainly a fine experience for me.
I know people who have found it painful though,and they've had vaginal births.

MirandaWest Sun 13-Apr-14 08:47:11

I have had two coils fitted - one at a GP and one at a FPC. The first one was horrible and the second one so much better. They were much more experienced and I was amazed at the difference. I would advise anyone to have it done at an FPC.

ECS61 Mon 14-Apr-14 18:21:58

Glad it helped. Copper coils are brilliant. Usually last for 10 years and no hormones. In our clinic we actually fit probably more copper coils as they are very popular with younger women who want to be non-hormonal but better than just condoms. Worldwide copper coils are the most used contraception...most of China, France, Finland etc etc. definitely would to your local clinic. BTW the rejection rate is the same as for other coils...very low. We teach you how to check once a month after a period otherwise it is "fit and forget"
All the best

ShineSmile Fri 23-May-14 13:40:50

Thanks OP! Where do I find a list of CASH clinics in London?

Bluetonic123 Sat 24-May-14 14:37:43

I wish I'd read this last week! Had mine fitted on Tuesday and it really hurt!

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