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Pretty sure I can feel my copper coil...

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Blueshine Fri 04-Apr-14 14:05:23

Ok so I've had the copper coil in for about 2 years, with no problems at all, strings always there when checked.
My bf said he could feel something scratching him the other day soi thought I should check and I'm pretty sure I can feel the tip of the coil poking through my cervix.
The question is is this normal? Not sure if it does move around a bit and I've just never noticed before since haven't been looking!!
Also if it's not normal what are the chances of me being pregnant I have 2 wonderful children already really don't want to add another one yet!!
And finally I have been feeling sick and dizzy the last few days but even if it has failed I shouldn't have any signs yet since my af isn't due for another week or 2!!
Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated!!

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