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Is this normal and am I able to get pregnant?

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Chocoholism Sat 29-Mar-14 20:23:55

I'm 4 months post natal and I stopped bf when DD was 8 weeks, now 18 weeks and I've not had periods return. Is this normal? I thought they would have returned by now and I wonder if I could pregnant still if I wasn't using contraception?

EdithWeston Sat 29-Mar-14 20:29:58

Yes it is possible to become pregnant before your first period (as ovulation is c.2 wks before). POAS?

ElphabaTheGreen Sat 29-Mar-14 20:30:49

You most definitely can get pregnant. Periods can also take several months to return (mine took 17 months, but then I was BFing that whole time, so it's not really comparable) but you're still potentially fertile without them.

Onetwothreeoops Sat 29-Mar-14 20:45:04

This happened to me. I was waiting for my periods to return after I'd stopped breastfeeding and started to feel like I had morning sickness. It turned out that I was 9 weeks gone.

Chocoholism Sat 29-Mar-14 21:46:06

I'm not pregnant now I know this for sure

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