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Very heavy periods after mirena removal

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toothachereturns Fri 21-Mar-14 10:45:30

I had my mirena removed on 6th feb. Bled extremely heavily (like gushing) for days afterwards but was told tgat was normal.
Well 'normal' af started yesterday and it's horrendous again. im having to change hourly. Cant wear tampons as it's too heavy. It's pouring out of me. (sorry if tmi).
My af was NEVER like this before the coil. And I didn't have any at all for the 6 yrs I had it in.
Is this normal?? sad

toothachereturns Fri 21-Mar-14 20:03:12

bump. sad

MrsHoolie Sat 22-Mar-14 00:37:14

Mine have always been very heavy,the bleed I had after mirena removal was like nothing if every experienced.
Perhaps your body is still adjusting and they will get lighter?
<clutching at straws til someone else arrives>
I'm having my Mirena removed next week.

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