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Cerazette to combat pmt, it worked at first, now, not so much!

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takingawhile Mon 10-Mar-14 07:32:23

My pmt post breastfeeding was awful, Yhe worst pmt I have ever experienced, tears, losing the wil to live. So the doc placed me on cerazette. At first I had episodes of non stop bleeding, then that finally stopped (after a few months). The pmt improved but I've gained weight and now have acne. However, a few weeks back I for got to take one pill. My hormones went haywire. I started lactating again - I stopped bf over a year ago and felt angry, all the time. It was that angry feeling I had felt with pmt, alongside being tearful.

My emotions seem to be all over the place, I'm bleeding again. Today is a good day but I was thinking if just stopping it as last week me emotions nose dived.

I can't work out if it's the pill or me, I am petrified of having pmt again. It was so bad I was considering having my ovaries removed- much to my family's disguist- I don't say that lightly, but pmt changed my personality (certainly unleashed a bad side and I never want that back).

So has anyone else come off cerazette? Did their appetite decrease? Did they find anything else helps with the pmt?


tink86 Mon 10-Mar-14 14:23:39

I took this before having my dd and it just didnt agree with me. I had terrible moods and bled all the time. I then stopped taking it and ended up conceiving my dd. when i went to dr for six week check dr gave me cerelle which has same ingredient as cerazette. It was worse the second time round. Moods were terrible. I lasted a few months and then i stopped taking it. Ive now been given micronor. Bleeding has been every two weeks but has been light. Moods have really really improved. I hated oh and thought about leaving him on a daily basis. Im now planning on getting the mirena coil fitted.

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