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Exercise after Minera coil fitting

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atomicyoghurt Wed 05-Mar-14 09:45:32

I had the coil fitted yesterday (which was horrendous why didn't anyone warn me?). I'm still pretty tender this morning and got a lot of cramps when cycling the kids to school this morning.

The thing is I'm meant to be starting a kettlebells class tomorrow and now I'm worried it's a bad idea! I don't want to risk the bloody thing coming out after having it put in was so bad!

What do I do? Anyone had similar issues?

Purpleknickers Wed 05-Mar-14 22:09:30

Hello the cramping after I had my first one fitted was awful. However the next day I was absolutely fine. I have done kettle bell classes although not the next day after having my mirena fitted but if the timing meant it worked out that way I wouldn't hesitate. I took some paracetamol for the initial cramping and honestly I was fine.

I am now on my third one and have never looked back

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