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periods after miscarriage

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cecilyp123 Sun 02-Mar-14 14:46:43

hi i wonder if any one could help, ive been trying for baby no.2 since july 2013, sadly we miscarried at around 6 weeks on 3rd december 2013, i was pretty lucky with pain and bleeding and went on to have a normal period 26 days after miscarriage , then my period after that was few days late and 3 very light days then a few normal days, my period this time also came later then normal, and has been hardly anything for about 3 days it was only showing when i wiped but was very watery no fresh blood, and could of even of got away without weary a pad its been that light, then yesterday afternoon it started to become normal looking again untill now and it seems to of gone bk to being watery again and no fresh blood, is this normal? what could it mean?

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