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Has copper coil affected your period? and how do I go about getting one?

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EdwiniasRevenge Thu 27-Feb-14 14:40:36

I'm looking for contraception after a long period of abstinence.

After research I think the copper coil is for me - but (and I know it sounds strange) I love me periods. Long 5 week cyvle. Regular as clockwork. Only 3-4 days proper fliw with a bit of spotting after. No pain. I don't want that to change especially the 5 week cycle.

Also if I know that's what I want how do I get one. If I ring gp receptionist can they book me straight in with the nurse or will I have to see dr first to discuss?

KatieMeLuna Fri 28-Feb-14 09:56:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dontbugmemalone Fri 28-Feb-14 10:18:55

I got the copper coil about 7 months ago.

My periods didn't return until 4 months ago (16 months post partum) and I found that my periods were lighter and not as much bloating. I still had PMS but not as bad as before.

I would recommend getting it fitted at a family planning/sexual health clinic because you get seen much quicker.
Be prepared that fitting a coil does hurt a bit and you may have some cramping for a few days afterwards.

You will also need to get it checked 6 weeks after to make sure it's fitted properly.

kalidasa Fri 28-Feb-14 10:32:45

What they say is that for most women it makes your period a bit longer and a bit heavier - so for instance if you usually have one heavy day you can expect two, if your period is usually 4 days long you can expect 5 or so. I have found this true: I know have two "really" heavy days rather than one, and the whole thing takes about 6 days rather than 4-5 as before. Also I found the pattern has changed: I used to start quite heavily and now I have a few days of annoying half-hearted spotting before it begins in earnest. They also warn that if you have painful periods they will be worse - I was worried about this as I have always had very painful periods, and I even had the GP prescribe some very powerful painkillers before I had it fitted, but to my surprise my periods, though longer, are actually LESS painful with the coil in. I did have some between-period spotting to start with, but only for the first couple of months.

I'm getting mine out soon as we are hoping to have a second baby but I have really appreciated my coil and will definitely have one put back in afterwards. I v. much recommend going to a family planning clinic because it is much quicker and also they really know what they are doing - copper coils aren't that fashionable at the moment and personally I wouldn't really want a doctor who only did one every six months having a bash! If you're in London, I went to the Margaret Pyke clinic and they are really wonderful.

You do have to have an initial appointment (to check you are suitable etc), the fitting appointment (MUCH quicker and less unpleasant than I expected) and then a check about six weeks later to be sure it's there.

EdwiniasRevenge Fri 28-Feb-14 15:16:13


I will find out where my local family planning clinic is.

Although just been reading a thread with lots of stories about coil failure on...eek

EdwiniasRevenge Fri 28-Feb-14 20:44:15 seems that the family planning service round here has been restructured.

I can get a coil fitted if I'm under 25 otherwise its GP...

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