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Mirena Coil Issues -Help!

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Narla1982 Thu 13-Feb-14 13:58:05

Hi, I have never posted anything on here before but I really could do with some advice from someone. I'm sorry if this is very long, I want to give every detail!
Last month I went to my GP surgery to get my coil removed as my husband and I want another baby. The strings of the coil were not visible so my GP referred me for a scan and also to see a gynaecologist in our local health centre. I have been for my scan this morning and the sonographer told me that the coil was no longer there!
I rang me GP immediately and he told me that is must have come out at some point and to just go ahead with trying for a baby.
However, I know that something isn't right! Since I have had my coil my periods have still been regular but a lot later and this has never changed to this day. Also, a month or so after having the coil put in place I experienced very painful abdominal cramps and went to see an on call doctor who couldn't see anything wrong and the pain subsided after a few hours.
I know this is extreme, but I have heard of a coil perforating the top of the uterus and going into the abdomen. My husband is 48 in April, I don't want to be trying for a baby for ages only to be told in a years time that the coil is still in my body somewhere and so I need more investigations.
I still have my appointment to see the gynaecologist in a few weeks time so I will be speaking to her about this too. I just want answers! I'm very frustrated!
Thank you for reading this!

Narla1982 Thu 13-Feb-14 14:04:18

Sorry I meant that my periods are lighter than they were, not later!,,

Stockhausen Thu 13-Feb-14 14:10:05

Would the scan have found it? If you're worried, id go back and ask for a full examination.

Good luck op, I had a scare when strings weren't visible but it turned up at next exam.

Narla1982 Thu 13-Feb-14 14:17:27

As far as I know it was only my uterus that was scanned. Thank you for your reply, I definitely will go and speak to the gynaecologist!

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