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Successful alternatives to cerezette please?

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happyis Fri 07-Feb-14 13:41:46

After lots of side effects in the first 3 months, including bleeding for most of the first 3 months, things settled down and for the last 6 months all has been "ok" some minor side effects like occasional spotting the day after sex and slight pmt/anxiety and reduced libido.

Then out of the blue, I came on and 3 weeks later I am still bleeding heavily! Had enough now! Hate not having regular cycles too (never thought I would say that!)

I was previously on jazmin but I am 37 and have had aura migraines, so no longer suitable. Are there any combined pills that would be???

I have also tried copper coil but it effected me far more than any hormone contraceptives, I am sensitive to metal jewellry so can only guess that my body was sensitive to the copper, although my GP wouldn't accept this. I had it removed after 3 months and symptoms stopped straightaway.

DH has offered to have the snip, but although we don't want anymore, it is too final for me! He also had testicular torsion as a child and lost a testicle so I would hate for him to have anymore surgery "down there" especially if anything was to go wrong!

Both of us dislike the feel of condoms but maybe that is our only route right now??


TwittyMcTwitterson Sun 23-Feb-14 17:03:08

Nacrez or desorex. Both a POP but help with bleeding.

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