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Combined pill + breastfeeding toddler?

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charliemousewilldoit Mon 27-Jan-14 16:28:20

Other than a possible reduction in milk production, is there a medical reason why women are advised not to take the combined pill whilst breastfeeding?

My DD is almost three and still breastfeeds maybe twice a day. DH and I used condoms for the first two years, and then I went on Cerazette about a year ago. I hated it. It gave me terrible mood swings (I am usually pretty stable), headaches and I bled constantly. So, we went back to using condoms.

We don't want condoms to be a long-term solution though and I get very squeamish at the thought of a coil being inserted. I was on Microgynon for over a decade before TTC and got on very well with it, so I wonder if it would be a possibility to go back on that. I'm not worried about a dwindling milk supply, but obviously I'd be worried about the effect it might have on my DD.

TwittyMcTwitterson Tue 04-Feb-14 20:43:32

I believe the hormones get into your milk.

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