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IUD out by hysteroscopy

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JanePurdy Tue 21-Jan-14 17:35:59

Has anyone any experience of this? Or of a hysteroscopy in fact?

My IUD is in place (had ultrasound today) but no threads & I'm being referred for a hysteroscopy. I am fairly sure that the doctor said it would be removed at this appointment but doubting myself & wondering if this appt is just another prelim to having it out?

JanePurdy Wed 22-Jan-14 22:20:21


JanePurdy Mon 27-Jan-14 07:53:06

Hopeful bump!

Poopoopeedooo Mon 27-Jan-14 22:49:40

Hilloooooo!! waves in friendly fashion
I've had TWO hysteroscopies about 10 yrs apart and they really aren't bad-mainly because all the nasty rummaging around your bits gets done while you snooze, so it's all good really! :-)
The second was because, just like you, those pesky IUD strings went missing- wow, they don't exactly warn you in capital letters that removing your oh-so-hassle-free contraceptive device COULD require general anaesthesia, eh?
Anyway- dont worry... It's a very quick procedure- I was just glad for an afternoon of enforced rest in the day ward.... Don't get a lot of time off at the mo, so it was all rather pleasant and a nice propofol-induced siesta to boot.
Sorry if I sound flippant... I'm just feeling rather chipper two months on since I am now rid of the diabolical Mirena for ever more- 5 yrs of zombie-like misery over... Woo hoo. Good luck x

JanePurdy Tue 11-Feb-14 08:11:44

Hello! This dropped off my threads I'm on so missed your response - thanks though. Will record in case anyone else is searching for info on this - had my hysteroscopy last week. Took a paracetamol in the morning & didn't have any other pain relief (nothing offered) but it wasn't painful - however I don't find smears painful either so ymmv. Was amazing to see inside my womb on the screen!! IUD in place so the doctor removed it with forceps. All fine! Took about 10mins if that, very pleased it was all straightforward & it won't put me off having another IUD in.

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