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Implant and Migraines

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harmonyb23 Thu 14-Nov-13 10:33:15

Hello! I had my Implant put in August of last year after having my third child. I have had 3 implants all in all (one after each child was born). I have never had a problem with the implant before - except for random bleeding - but this time it seems to be making my migraines more frequent. I suffer from migraines with an aura where I cannot see and feel sick and recently these have started getting worse, I am now having 3/4 bad migraines every week. I went to the doctor not suspecting it could be the implant (as it has been in for a year and the problems with my migraines have only just started) but she said she was pretty sure it was down to the hormones in the implant. She also said I should NEVER have been offered the implant in the first place as with visual migraine sufferers it can cause them to have STROKES! I was obviously a bit freaked out and also a bit confused as to why I have been offered it every time I have had a child as the doctors are well aware I am a migraine sufferer?

The doctor told me I need to make an appointment to talk about contraception and to have the implant removed as soon as possible. I obviously don't like the thought of having a stroke but at the same time don't really want to move onto another form of contraception; I didn't really like the way the pill made me feel and I don't really like the idea of committing to a coil as we were hoping to start trying for number 4 next year. Do you think I should just leave it in until we are ready to TTC? Or do you think the risk is too great? Maybe I should just have it removed and use condoms in the time being? Sorry for pretty pointless post - just needed somewhere to vent really...

Bubbles1066 Sun 17-Nov-13 14:17:31

Sorry to hear this op. I have migraine with auras and actually you shouldn't have anything with oestrogen at all so no combined pill, implant or injection. You are generally thought to be OK with progesterone only methods, so mini pill or Mirena coil. You can also have the copper coil or obviously use condoms, diaphragms etc. We use condoms. If I were you I would have your implant out ASAP and use condoms or try a progesterone only method. Is it really worth the risk of a stroke?

sparkle101 Fri 22-Nov-13 14:46:54

I'm pretty sure the injection is progesterone only, although I have been suffering very bad headaches on the injection so much so I won't be getting another one when this runs out.

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