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Micronor - Did your periods stop?

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Berzingaa Tue 12-Nov-13 18:26:02

I've been Taking Micronor since about April. I've just got another lot for three months.

Last month my period was extremely light where as normally it's extremely heavy on day one and gets better. I keep record of my period via my app on my phone and I always come on a day early. However not this month..

I do have a partner and this is my only form of contraception. I've heard some people get light periods and then it stops on this pill.

If that's happened to you how long did it take? I've been on it around 6 months or so

michellebradley84 Tue 12-Nov-13 20:46:59

My periods stopped completely for 16 weeks the first time I started taking it and were patchy ever after until I came off them, its totally normal. Once you stop stressing about being pregnant you can relax and enjoy your extended breaks from mother nature smile

ilovepowerhoop Wed 13-Nov-13 17:06:58

that pill gave me periods every 2 weeks and I ended up on cerazette and that stopped them

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