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How many of you in long term relationships use condoms as your only form of contraception?

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flameprincess Mon 11-Nov-13 23:28:06

Just that really, I want to know if anyone does just use condoms alone and does it affect your sex life much?

I've tried most forms of birth control, the combined pill gives me awful headaches when I am on my 7 days break, like an almighty dip in hormones - so I'm on a break from it at the moment and I'm quite enjoying it. My skin is better for one! I have tried progesterone only methods such as mini pill and the injection and both just left me with irregular bleeding (which obviously is a GREAT form of contraception). Am using condoms now whilst on a break from the pill and am thinking of suggesting to DP we use them alone. Thoughts?

I feel like I should be defending myself from Getorf's pig sex claims grin

*no animals have been harmed in the making of this thread.

MrsJohnDeere Wed 13-Nov-13 22:27:13

Yes, have done for the past year.

It's the only form of contraception we can use right now (not allowed anything hormonal for complicated oost cancer/chemo reasons)

I hate them and would certainly have sex more often if we didnt use them, but needs must. Dh reluctant to have the snip.

GetOrfGetStuffed Wed 13-Nov-13 22:44:36

Haha dimitri it's your bloody fault!

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