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Lost copper coil - please help!

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JudyDoc112 Thu 07-Nov-13 04:47:16

My partner and I have decided to start trying for a family, so I went to my Gynecologist to get my copper coil removed. When I got there the Dr told me the strings were no longer in place or visible. An ultrasound couldn't find it. As a last resort they did an xray at the local hospital and found it at the top left of my cervix and turned upside down on itself. They have told me it wouldn't be safe to take it out manually so I have to go into hospital to get it removed under general anaesthetic.
It has all happened so quickly ovrr the last few day and I am terrified something will go wrong. Has anyone ever had anything similar to this that could possibly shine some light on what might happen. sad Thanks. Jx

Chottie Thu 07-Nov-13 04:53:27

I recently had a coil removed under GA. It was fine, I bled for about a week and had some cramp like pains at first. But now all is fine.

As to why this has happened I don't know, but I thought I can at least reply to the practical side of your post.

JudyDoc112 Thu 07-Nov-13 04:58:19

Thanks, I really haven't been told much about what they are going to do, different doctors, different nurses, different procedures. I am more worried about the urgency of it, I have read a few stories about how it took a month or so to even get a scan, this has all been since Tuesday. And the fact that we are planning on getting pregnant, in case anything goes wrong. I am probably over thinking it, nerves are getting to me... Jx

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